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Choosing The Right Storage Unit

There are five basic things you need to look for when choosing the right storage unit. Afterall your belongings are very important and you want to be sure they are in safe hands.

1- Location:

Location is everything when it comes to storage units. The ideal location would be in a low traffic residential area just outside the center of your town. Be sure to stray away from high traffic areas.

2- Structure:

Your belongings needs to be well protected from outsiders as well as mother nature. This is best done in fully fenced in storage units constructed from either metal and/or brick. This also makes them fireproof!

3- Security:

Security should be a top priority. Everything from a gated entrance to durable locks, and even surveillance cameras. If you dont feel safe then your stuff probably isn’t very safe.

4- Accessibility:

You should be able to access your belongings 24/7 365 days a year. You should look for wide ally ways, Lights so you are able to access your unit in the dark & be sure you could fit a trailer or big vehicle to your unit just in case.

5- Cost:

Last but certainly not least you should consider the cost. You do get what you pay for in features like security etc. however, but you dont wan to overpay. An average storage unit rate should be anywhere from $40 up to $100+ depending on size.